Infinity Scarves With Infinite Possibilites

Waiting For Harry

Each Scarf is Unique & One of a Kind

Shop for your new favorite Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Infinity Scarves made from 100% cotton Vintage/Upcycled clothing n' tees. Custom scarves available also.

Using what we already have to create something very cool and new, plus using 100% cotton is something that is we feel very strongly about.

So please browse through our store to find your new favorite unique scarf in trendy colors and logos that only you will have, and that everyone will ask you about. Tell them you got it at Waiting For Harry on Etsy!

New designs are listed continuously. Many make a meaningful statement, some are just plain fun. You'll notice each one has it's own name that seems to reveal itself as it goes through the process of creation.

It's so fun!

Upcycling Vintage T-Shirts

It starts with a Re-Purpose

I always had this yearning in the back of my mind to do something creative with fabric.

I did... in fits and starts, making curtains for our house, pillows, decorating for Christmas with unusual materials and colors.

All the while lingered this one oddly throbbing idea--to make scarves from vintage tees and up cycled fabric in all sorts of funky and fun combinations.

I could just see them in my minds' eye.

And then one day, just last year, there came a break in the clouds of responsibility and causes. The sky opened and I found myself standing in a clear sunny space and I went for it.

And here I will say the same thing as everyone giving their all to their handmade items says.... "Every bit of it has been fun, creative, inspiring, frustrating, and huge learning curve so far." All creating welcome new grooves in my brain.

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Send Us Your Favorite T-Shirt

Police Tour Shirt

Have a Favorite T or two?

Look What We Did with this 1982 Police Tour Shirt

Simply send me that favorite T-shirt that has seen better days. You know, the one that you just love but don't want to part with?

We'll chat and I'll find just the right upcycled fabrics and colors to transform it into your new favorite infinity single or double loop scarf.


Each Scarf is Custom Gift Wrapped

Your scarf comes wrapped like this, Eco-friendly

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